About Us

The Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation is a charitable organization created to support spinal cord injury recovery.

We are an organization that started by accident. Jack Jablonski's life changed forever after he was hit during a high school hockey game. The resulting injury left him quadriplegic. In a flash, Jack rose to local and national recognition. The ensuing outpouring of support not only helped Jack begin the journey toward his personal goal to someday skate again, it also provided the inspiration for his family and friends to create a foundation that would benefit everyone living with a spinal cord injury.

Today, Jack continues down his road to recovery, believing that every day holds the potential for something amazing to happen. And the foundation that began in his name works to do something amazing for others with spinal cord injuries.

Please join us.

Our Volunteer Board of Directors

Cheryl Besse
Community Volunteer
hockey mom and fan

John Besse - Board Secretary
Midwest Region Manager - Commercial Real Estate, U.S. Bank N.A.
hockey dad and fan 

Peter Brew
Co-Owner/Founder, StatBridge
new hockey fan

Derek Cherne
Senior Vice President, UBS - Cherne Breitbach Nelson Wealth Management
former collegiate football player currently playing in an old-guy hockey league 

Dan Collins - Board Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer, BNC Bank
former collegiate hockey player, now hockey dad and fan 

Michael Glover
Managing partner, Kalina, Wills, Gisvold & Clark, PLLP
President, Hopkins Education Foundation
three child hockey dad and fan 

Casey Hankinson
Vice President of Development, Ryan Companies USA
former NHL hockey player and announcer, and now hockey dad and fan 

Chris Heimbold
Managing Account Director, Little & Co.
former hockey player, now hockey dad and fan 

Jim Horton
Senior Vice President, First Western Bank & Trust
former hockey player, and now hockey dad and fan 

Kim Horton, RN
Registered Nurse, Children's Hositals and Clinics - Minnetonka Day Surgery
hockey mom and fan 

Matt Majka
Chief Operating Officer, Minnesota Wild (NHL)
former hockey player and currently a NHL franchise administrator who is also a hockey dad and fan 

Anne Moore, MD - Board Vice President
Medical Orthopaedic Physician, TRIA Orthopaedic Center
hockey doc, mom and fan 

Margrette Newhouse
John and Elizabeth Myers Chair in Management
College of St. Benedict / St. John's University
hockey mom and fan 

Janice Steinhauser
Community Volunteer
hockey mom and fan 

Michael Steinhauser - Board President
President/CEO, 3BGroup
Merwin LTC Pharmacy, Merwin Home Medical, Merwin IV / Speciality
Board Chair, North Memorial Medical Center
Board Chair, Upper Midwest Elite Hockey League
Board Chair, Independent Pharmacy Cooperative
former hockey player, and now hockey dad and fan 

Suzanne Tema
Minneapolis Public Schools
hockey mom and fan 

Catie Tobin
Head, Correspondent & Advisor Services
RBC Wealth Management
hockey mom and fan 

Lolita Ulloa
Attorney, Hennepin County
hockey mom and fan 

Lynette Wheelock RN, MS
Healthcare Consultant
hockey fan

Our Volunteer Medical Advisory Team

Dr. Steve Oesterle, MD
Cardiologist, Senior Vice Presidet of Medicine & Technology, Medtronic 

Jack Blatherwick, PhD
Exercise Physiologist, Washington Capitals (semi-retired); former trainer, US Olympic Hockey Team (including the 1980 Miracle Team) 

Dr. Chris Cox-Marinelli MD

Dr. Ann Parr, MD, PhD.
Neurosurgeon and Principal Investigator, Spinal Cord Injury Research Lab, University of Minnesota 

Carrie Shogren, OTR/L.
Clinical supervisor, ABLE Program, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Co-Director, Network Leadership for the NeuroRecovery Network of the Christopher Reeve Foundation