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Our research program is transforming treatment for paralysis recovery.

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Over 6 million people in North America live with paralysis today.

Doctors told all of them that their paralysis is permanent.

Medical science is changing that. We are here to help change it faster.

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Paralysis is no longer permanent. The miracle is out there.

It’s called spinal neuromodulation,
and it’s already helping patients in research trials regain some of the
functions and mobility they had been told they would never have again.

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Mayo Clinic became the first medical center in the world to replicate &
validate paralysis recovery results from spinal neuromodulation treatment
in a clinical trial we started in 2016.

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We are transforming treatment for paralysis recovery.

The world’s largest paralysis recovery research project
focused on upper limb (gripping) recovery is now underway.

In October 2019, Jack Jablonski began discussing a clinical research trial focused on upper limb recovery at UCLA led by Dr. Reggie Edgerton, the world’s foremost spinal neuromodulation pioneer.

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Together, we are transforming paralysis recovery treatment.

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